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★★★★★ "... Va más allá olvidando por momentos el sonido under y tocando los umbrales de fórmulas más comerciales en la línea de Ministry y Skinny Puppy. La producción está a nivel de cualquier artista industrial del mundo..." - Skinny. "SWITCH MAGAZINE". (MX)

★★★★★ February 6, 2011 | by Fred Nolan ( Dallas/Fort Worth. USA ). "... The horror film bona fides are not forgeries. These are vast terrains, distant war drums, growling ambiances, sudden bursts of orchestration and samples. Tracks exist beyond tempo and harmony. Some of the more industrial clips recall the work of Carlos Suarez. Don?t answer the phone. Don?t open the door. And never, under any circumstances, tell us you?ll be right back..."

★★★★★ May 24, 2011 | by Black square Records (USA). AW, The Sect. (Ep)"...The dark is rising and atmosphere is filled in with black-and-grey dust before the impending apocalypse through the continuing -and approaching collapse of a dying star. In principle, in its restrained yet grave havoc it would be a decent candidate as film score for a horror - movie..."

★★★★★ Markam. - "Darkwood Net-Label". (FR) "... On "The sect" produces beautiful, eerie and haunting oundscapes. "The sect" could (should) be the soundtrack to a horror movie. Tense moments alternated with more calm passages, "The Sect" will pull you in ..."

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  1. Miss Femdom - "Triumph" Ep. Video. Discogs
  2. Varius - "Not So Cold, A Warm Wave Compilation" Lp/Va. Video. Discogs
  3. Volkova - "Trauma And Dreams + Remixes" Lp/Va. Video. Discogs
  4. Volkova - "Silent Howl" Lp (Vinyl Edition) Video. Discogs
  5. Error Critico - "Untitled album" Lp. Video. Discogs
  6. Arte Disfuncional - "A History Of Violence Secuence" Lp. Video. Discogs
  7. Umilenie - "Paradigma" Lp. Video. Discogs
  8. Glasnost - "Mirror" Lp. Video. Discogs
  9. Vision Anomaly - "RE-Evolution Process" Lp. Video. Discogs
  10. Xtructure - "untitled album" Ep. Video. Discogs
  11. Lujhboia - "Spiral Nerve" Lp. Video. Discogs